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Expect this 14th edition of HTW to be as dangerous, as difficult and as challenging as ever before. Train hard beginning now to be on the high to face the experience of your lifetime.
When: 7-12 September 2020
Registrations until the day of the race.
Where: Caps, Valea Ierii, Transylvania, Romania. The base will be here: https://goo.gl/maps/3SZ2fuCHGMCwQELE6 (46°36’21.2″N 23°17’01.2″E, 46.605888, 23.283670). – All new tracks will be done by organizer in July/August, just before the race event starts. The big camp area will be surrounded by 20.000 hectares of remote forests and rugged mountains, and the early September date will invite to enjoy great outdoor camping around sparkling campfires.

Accommodation: The hotel at the base will be this: http://centru.crrcluj.ro/pages/gallery/. Camping at the base is free and possible only for participants and their stuff, the hotel rooms can be booked through our online system only for the week of the race, using the code sent to all registered racers (25 big rooms with each 4 separate beds and private bathroom, each room 60 Euro, mandatory breakfast 5 Euro/person).
Food for everybody will be offered at the basecamp. But at the basecamp there will be no electricity, showers or toilets. The next nearest pensions (rooms with shared bathrooms only) are 8 km away, the next Hotel (rooms with bathrooms) is 10 km away.

Classes: Due to the Corona crises, the race event HUNT-THE-WOLF-2020 offers 2 (instead of 4) different classes: ADVENTURE and EXTREME. The difficulties of the EXTREME class will correspond to the difficulties of a (extended) CROSSOVER track 2019. A class is chosen at registration. Subsequently, a class change is possible only 1 time and only from difficult class to easier class (=downgrading), and costs 20 €. EXTREME-2020 (=CROSSOVER-2019 by difficulty) is for experienced and very good pilots seeking the flow and a bit less the risk (still dangerous!). The pilots of the EXTREME-2020 class have to follow a given GPS tracks with a tolerance of 100m left and right. ADVENTURE is a very special class: no given tracks but “wolves” to be reached, team-riding only, orientation, very complex, race days end at “last wolf” to fully enjoy spectacular landscape on drive back to base. Since overall difficult mountain terrain also this class is not for total beginners.
Entry fees: from 800 to 1200 EUR (for terms, details and discounts please check in “Entry fee”)
WHAT IS NEW in 2020 compared to 2019:
1. Also seconds will count.
3. The race modus in ADVENTURE class changed (no given track and more changes, see above and details in “general rules” pdf).
4. Strict handling of team size, definition and staying together in ADVENTURE. (see “general rules”)
5. Overall expect more daily racing hours then 2019.
6. The “downgrading” to lower classes gets limited and costs a small fee (see “general rules”).
7. The new area is almost twice as big as the race area of the last years (now over 20.000 hectare). Along the racetracks through the wilderness, the organizers do not provide any assistance and no safety measures or any devices are built to protect the racers. In emergency situations, it will take a long time before help arrives (up to hours!)
8. During the registration process, each pilot in front of a running video camera must read a statement with which he takes absolute responsibility for himself and fully agrees to the extremely high risk of injury and death by participating in this race. The awards increased in SxS and CROSSOVER classes.
9. Access to the camp will be restricted.
10. All necessary restrictions and obligations will be fulfilled to confine the Corona-Virus.
11. HUNTTHEWOLF did not get a new title-sponsor. Help us find a new sponsor worthy to be named, and fees will decrease again.
12. If inevitable national Corona policy make it impossible for you to come to race HTW the full race fee will be paid back up to the start of the race.
13. If you book a room at the base hotel we will keep 50 Euro/room in case you can not come to the race because of inevitable national Corona restrictions in your country, in Romania or on your way to the race. If you do not show up for other reasons, the full hotel-fee is not returned (360 Euro)

Fly to the international airport of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and race the world’s hardest ATV/SSV-Quad-race HUNTTHEWOLF with a brand new race prepared vehicle. 3 rent packages are offered, all include all costs from/to airport. Just add your flight.

In detail all 3 rental offers include:

  • a ready to race brand new 4×4 ATV or Side by Side, broken in with 200 km to have the first service done
  • all vehicles are equipped with winch, plastic skidplate, badlock wheels, 25” Kenda Bounty Hunter tires, “noodles” (something like tireballs), used fenders for the race period; CFMOTO’s come on ELKA-suspensions and with power kit; Can-Am’s with Warn-winch mounted.
  • registration fee, costs for doctor+FRM+basic liability insurance, personal mechanical presence during the race, 7x hotel or pension room (according to availability)
  • all meals for 8 days
  • transport of racer and vehicle from (airport) Cluj-Napoca and back, all work time for buying new ATV, mounting accessories, braking in, parking, un-mounting, selling, taxi-service. All ATVs will be bought before the race and sold afterwards. 

Option 1: ATV: Can-Am Renegade 1000 package for 4990 € and 5000 € cash deposit. 

Option 2: ATV: CFMOTO Cforce 1000 package for 2990 € and 2000 € cash deposit. 

Option 3: SSV: CFMOTO Z10 1000 package for 3990 € and 3000 € cash deposit. 

Rental offers are valid until 1st of July 2020


  • €1000 (800 for ADVENTURE class pilots) if paid before July 1, 2020
  • €1100 (900 for ADVENTURE class pilots) if paid between July 01, 2020 – August 1, 2020
  • €1150 (950 for ADVENTURE class pilots) if paid between August 01, 2020 – September 1, 2020
  • €1200 (1000 for ADVENTURE class pilots) if paid after September 1
  • We will pay you back the entire race fee should new verifiable Corona-caused restrictions make it impossible for you to get to the HUNTTHEWOLF-event in Romania, near CLUJ-NAPOCA, from September 7 to 12.

  • + €50 for FRM-license, health checks and race health insurance
  • “Veteran discount”: in case a racer participated earlier years he will get €50 Euro discount for each year he participated, up to a maximum of €200.
  • Former EXTREME CLASS winners always start for free, in class EXTREME, if registration is completed by paying a 200 € security until June 1, 2020. The security is kept by the organizer in case the Ex-winner is eventually not racing. If an Ex-Extreme class winner wants to downgrade to another class, he will have to pay the regular fee.
  • For women and pilots under the age of 18 the enter fee is always 50% of the fee of the moment.
  • For all pilots flying in from any other continent then Europe the enter fee is always 50% of the fee of the moment.
  • Minors MUST bring a notary act signed by the parents.
  • If for any reason you must cancel your registration we will pay back accordingly:
    Until 01.08.2020 300 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
    Until 01.09.2020 500 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
    After 01.09.2020 NO registration fee will be paid back 

  • A paid fee is in the name of the paying person or in the name of the person defined in the transfer papers, and can not be transferred to another person.

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