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Event name:
13-17.May.2024, Monday to Friday
LOCATION: Baisoara, Romania.
5 days off-road race, 1 to be cancelled.
1 CLASS: “Soft-Extreme”.
a) 500 Euro race fee until End February, 600 Euro until End March, 700 until End April, 800 in May!
b) 50 Euro temporary deposit as stimulus to finish every day and stay to the very end. Money paid back after award ceremony only. For each day the finish is not reached in the given finish time 50 Euro are kept as “race-support”.
Important: Pilots get 100 euro discount for every recent (summer 2023 or later) participation in the following ATV races: Weston Beach, Pont-de-Vaux, Race to Hell, Baja 500, Baja 1000, Vegas to Reno, …??? (let us know if we need to add similar races!). The discounts can be accumulated! Therefore, race 5 of the above (or other ?) races in their highest/most difficult class and participate at HUNTTHEWOLF-24 for free. You have to show us your result and send 2 pictures.
Daily tracks have a distance of 30-90 kilometers.
Every race day will be 2.5 to 7 hours long.
Every race day has a TIME LIMIT given before start. Pilots will then be stopped by organizers at road junctions.
GPS tracks to follow + 100m left/right. We recommend SMARTPHONES to follow the tracks. Tracks will NOT be up- or downloaded to/from GPS devices. They will be sent by mail/whatsapp to each pilot shortly before the race starts every day. Pilots can then use mobile GPS App’s or upload to their GPS devices themselves. HTW-organizer check the tracks driven by pilots using special trackers mounted on each ATV.
The race can be followed LIVE online.
Mass-START every day.
To enable TEAMS on the podium 2 or more pilots will be seen as a team if they have the same points in the final overall classification, with a tolerance of +- 10 points.
WINNER: The winner has the most points and the smallest time.
Award ceremony: Friday late afternoon.
HUNT-THE-WOLF tracks are difficult, dangerous, hard to find. Only experienced pilots should race HTW. Full body protection is absolutely mandatory for every participating pilot. Before registration process every pilot will be asked to video-record him/herself while reading a statement acknowledging the extremely high risks at HTW and agreeing to take all risk and responsibility upon oneself.
No infrastructure for Campers available!

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Kenda K537 Bounty Hunter tires for maximum traction
Flexx handlebar for enhanced control
Warn winch for added safety
Iron Baltic plastic skidplate for ultimate protection

Rent at a competitive price of 4.000€ per race, including all the features mentioned above. We’ve got you covered for an adrenaline-fueled ride like no other!

A refundable warranty deposit of 2.000€ will be added to the rental cost. Damaged parts will be deducted from the deposit. We’ll provide detailed information about deductions, such as bent rims or cut tires if necessary. Scratches on the fenders are not included.*

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