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HTW-21 – 14th edition

From 6-11 September 2021, near Pitesti/Romania. Exact location will be published in weeks to come.

3 classes: EXTREME (4×4 ATV only), CROSSOVER (also 2×4 Quads), ADVENTURE (teams only; also Quads and SSV).

GPS-tracks to follow for Extreme and Crossover, race modus for Adventure to be established.

Registration is OPEN. http://registration.hunt-the-wolf.com

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HUNTTHEWOLF is a full blood 6 days off-road race. By technical difficulties HTW is the hardest ATV-race in the world in the class Extreme, where pilots take their ATVs to the limit. The other classes are easier, but still domanding. The landscape we cross is wild and wide. Racers are out there alone.

Fly to the international airport of Otopeni near Bucharest, Romania, and race the world’s hardest ATV/SSV-Quad-race HUNTTHEWOLF with a brand new race prepared vehicle. 2 rent packages are offered, all include all costs from/to airport. Just add your flight.

In detail all 2 rental offers include:

  • a ready to race brand new 4×4 ATV or Side by Side,  with 200 km driven to have the first service done
  • all vehicles are equipped with winch, plastic skidplate, badlock wheels, 25” Kenda Bounty Hunter tires, “noodles” (something like tireballs), used fenders for the race period; ELKA-suspensions, Beringers brake levels (improved brake system) and extra horse power.
  • registration fee, costs for doctor+FRM+basic liability insurance, mechanical work during the race, 7x hotel or pension room (according to availability)
  • all meals for 8 days
  • transport of racer and vehicle from Otopeni-airport/Bucarest and back, all work time for buying new ATV, mounting accessories, braking in, parking, un-mounting, selling, taxi-service. All ATVs will be bought before the race and sold afterwards. 

Option 1: ATV: CFMOTO Cforce 1000 package for 3990 € and 2000 € cash deposit for broken parts due to drivers mistakes (€ for parts only; no charge for mechanical work!). 

Option 2: SSV: CFMOTO Z10 1000 package for 3990 € and 3000 € cash deposit for broken parts due to drivers mistakes (€ for parts only; no charge for mechanical work!). 

Rental offers are valid until 1st August 2021.



  • € 900  if paid before July 1, 2021
  • € 950 if paid between July 1, 2021 – August 1, 2021
  • € 1000 if paid between August 1 – September 1, 2021
  • €1100  if paid after September 1, 2021
  • We will pay you back the entire race fee should new verifiable Corona-caused restrictions make it impossible for you to get to the HUNTTHEWOLF-event in Romania from September 6 to 11.
  • + €50 for FRM-license, health checks and race health insurance
  • “Veteran discount”: in case a racer participated earlier years he will get €50 Euro discount for each year he participated, up to a maximum of €200.
  • Former EXTREME CLASS winners always start for free, in class EXTREME, if registration is completed by paying a 200 € security until June 15, 2020. The security is kept by the organizer in case the Ex-winner is eventually not racing. If an Ex-Extreme class winner wants to downgrade to another class, he will have to pay the regular fee.
  • For women and pilots under the age of 18 the enter fee is always 50% of the fee of the moment.
  • For all pilots flying in from any other continent then Europe the enter fee is always 50% of the fee of the moment.
  • Minors MUST bring a notary act signed by the parents.
  • If for any reason you must cancel your registration we will pay back accordingly:
    Until 01.08.2021 300 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
    Until 01.09.2021 500 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
    After 01.09.2021 NO registration fee will be paid back

A paid fee is in the name of the paying person or in the name of the person defined in the transfer papers, and can not be transferred to another person.

For HUNTTHEWOLF-21 chief mechanic Alin Moldovan offers 2 “mechanical options”, to make it even more comfortable for racers to fully focus on the racing.
1) OPTION ENJOY: for 160 € Alin and his mechanics will take over the pilots ATV the moment he reaches the camp; they will wash and check it and make sure the ATV is ready to be raced the next day (washing, general control of all and minor jobs included).
2) OPTION DELUXE: for 320 € you get a “mechanical insurance”. This insurance includes ALL of the first option and additionally (!) it includes ALL labor costs in case of repairs.
These offers do NOT include the price of the parts needed!
To be able to organize enough mechanics for the race period, interested pilots must contact Alin Moldovan BEFORE AUGUST 15! The chosen option must be prepaid when ordered (paid back fully if race cancelled, paid back half if racer not showing up). Questions can be asked in comments here, in PN or direct to Alin. To order any of the options SMS or whatsapp +40740146596.


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