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CFMOTO - Hunt The Wolf

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Experience CF-HTW according to your wishes; you have different classes to choose from. In all classes orientation is given by GPS only.

SIDE BY SIDE: This new class for SxS offers medium to difficult tracks. You need to know how to really control your vehicle, you should not be afraid of steep inclinations and you should not mind scratches your SxS might suffer. This is not a show-off walk, but a full touch 100% off-road race. You do not need a co-pilot.

ADVENTURE: This class is perfect to fully enjoy the race atmosphere AND the landscape since only your driving time counts but not your standing time (according to our GPS registration). This class offers the easiest tracks of HTW. But easiest is not necessarily easy. You might be a hero on road driving and still not be able to finish the first day in Adventure.This class can also be a fun team experience if you want to go with maximum 3 vehicles, 6 people. For ATV/Quad/SxS.

CROSSOVER: the great taste of fantastic ATV riding is best experienced in this class – for those with experience. The challenging but fluid following of our CR tracks puts you in a dreamlike flow state that is unlikely to be evoked by any other ATV race worldwide. For a long distance hiker this is the trek of his life. For ATV’s only. 

EXTREME: well, HTW-Extreme class offers for sure the world’s most difficult ATV-race-tracks. In combination with the racing stress the brutal up and downs become a daring game with your driving skills. Here’s who’s looking for the total challenge, the absolute ATV driving adventure, the ultimate thrill – and who, to put it simply, is crazy enough! The Extreme class is for the ATV rider the same as the ascent of Mount Everest is for the mountaineer. An ascent without oxygen, without carrier and guide, without fixed ropes. The only thing to physically hold on while racing the forests is the given GPS track. ATVs only.

QUAD: 2×4 quads can race class Adventure. If they team up with a 4×4 pilot they can also race class Crossover. Some spots in CR can not be done by 2×4 quads alone. There they need to be pulled. IF THERE IS 6 OR MORE QUADS PARTICIPATING A 5TH CLASS WILL BE INTRODUCED: QUAD. IN THAT CASE A SEPARATE DEMANDING QUAD-TRACK WILL BE CREATED.

Official Regulations of CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF 2019

Event date 8-13 April 2019


Luni/ Monday, April 8
09.00-16:00 registration and test-round 
16.00 – 18.00 Test round
19.00-24.00 common dinner

Marti/Thuesday, April 9
09.00-16.00: race in forest
19.00-24.00 common dinner

Miercuri/Wednesday, April 10
09.00-16.00: race in forest
19.00-24.00 common dinner

Joi/Thusday, April 11
09.00-16.00: race in forest
19.00-24.00 common dinner

Vineri/Friday, April 12
09.00-16.00: race in forest
19.00-24.00 common dinner

Sambata/Saturday, April 13
09.00-16.00: race in forest
17.0024:00  awards ceremony

Fly to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and race the world’s hardest ATV-Quad-race CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF with a brand new race prepared vehicle. 3 rent packages are offered, all include all costs from/to airport. Just add your flight.

In detail all 4 rental offers include:

  • a ready to race brand new 4×4 ATV or Side by Side, broken in with 200 km to have the first service done
  • Warn winch, Ironbaltic plastic skidplate, badlock wheels with 25” or 23” Kenda Bounty Hunter tires and “noodles” (something like tireballs) inside mounted, fenders exchanged with used ones
  • registration fee, costs for doctor+FRM+basic liability insurance, personal mechanical presence during the race, 7x hotel or pension room (according to availability)
  • all meals for 8 days
  • transport of racer and vehicle from (airport) Cluj-Napoca and back, all work time for buying new ATV, mounting accessories, braking in, parking, un-mounting, selling, taxi-service. All ATVs will be bought before the race and sold afterwards. 

Option 1: CFMOTO 1000cc packet including as an extra ELKA stage 4 suspensions, for 2990 € and 2500 € cash deposit (deposit used in case of damages; deposit amount is also highest total damage in case of total loss!).
Option 2: CFMOTO SxS 1000cc package including as an extra ELKA suspensions, for 3990 € and 3500 € cash deposit (deposit used in case of damages; deposit amount is also highest total damage in case of total loss!).
Option 3: Can-Am Renegade 1000 package for 4990 € and 5000 € cash deposit.

Option 1 and 2 (CFMOTO vehicles packages) can be ordered until 1st March 2019, the Can-Am rental offers are available until 1st February 2019. Parts provided by private sponsors can be mounted before the race on any vehicle.

The entry fee 2019 will be:

1. €800 if paid before January 1, 2019
2. €850 if paid between January 01, 2019 – February 1, 2019
3. €900 if paid between February 01, 2019 – March 1, 2019
4. €950 if paid between March 01, 2019 – April 1, 2019
5. €1000 if paid after April 1
6. €100 Co-pilots in SSV/UTV
7. CFmoto pilots only pay 50% of the fee 
8. CFmoto pilots from Romania/Bulgaria/Slovenia/Croatia/Hungary/Moldova do not have to pay any race fee if they register and pay 100€  (100€ for doctor, insurance, FRM). They are sponsored by AUTHENTIC SPIRIT SRL, exclusive importer of CFmoto for those countries.
9. CFmoto pilots from Lithuania do not have to pay any race fee if they register and pay 100€  (100€ for doctor, insurance, FRM). They are sponsored by MOTORIDER UAB, exclusive importer of CFmoto for Lithuania.
10. Can-Am / BRP pilots from Romania only pay 50% of the race fee on the date of registration and payment. They are sponsored by EURONAUTICA SRL, official importer of BRP products for Romania
Veteran discounts and sponsorships cannot be accumulated

The CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF 2019 entry fee contains the following:

1. 6 days of race event
2. Vehicle rescue to base from any road which can be driven with a standard 4×4 car
3. Pilots rescue to base except helicopter rescue
4. Gas transport to refill station
5. Water at refill station
6. Awards
7. 24h security for race vehicles in designated area during the given race time period

If for any reason you must cancel your registration we will pay back accordingly:
Until 1.1.19 100 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
Until 1.2.19 200 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
After 1.2.19 300 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
After 1.3.19 400 € of the fee will NOT be paid back
After 01.04.19 NO registration fee will be paid back 

For any hotel/pension-room reservation an additional 100 Euro will NOT be paid back.

Online registration starts October 15. 
Hotel booking online starts November 1st. The rooms at the base (hotel/pension) will be put online by November 1st.


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