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The event takes place 50 km from Cluj-Napoca. The race tracks go from 500 to 1700m. http://www.pensiuneasequoia.ro

46°48’05.6″N 22°53’30.3″E


In EXTREME and CROSSOVER you do NOT need any map on the GPS-device! It is actually BETTER NOT to have any map on the GPS to better see the track given by us! Our track will be black, yours should be recorded in red. You see them best on an empty white screen. So: do NOT buy any Garmin Romania map. They cost money and they will disturb you. Attention: each pilot in EXTREME and CROSSOVER needs at least 1 Garmin GPS. Begin to train GPS use NOW! Make your friend register a track (on foot, bike, car,..), then try to follow the track as fast as you can. You should know your GPS device like your pocket BEFORE you come to the event.

In ADVENTURE you need a free GPS-applications on your smart phones.

During the registration process

Registrations will be open 2017-10-01

Always from the base. 
46°48’05.6″N 22°53’30.3″E



No, usually not. Should gas be needed, organizers will tell you to prepare gas cans for pick up before departure. BRING EMPTY GAS TANKS.

To be decided…

YES! Without full protection we will definitely NOT let you start! From head to toe you need it all. We will check your equipment EVERY DAY just before start is given. ONLY in the Side by Sides you do not need armor, knee and elbow protection. But good shoes or boots, full helmets, gloves, googles are mandatory for Side by Side riders as well. Helmets must have chin protection.

YES! And make sure organizers know the right number, your batteries are full, credit is on – and save this emergency number NOW: 0040-733-404801 (English, Deutsch, Italiano, Francaise, Romana).

YES, from Saturday before to Sunday after the event guarded parking is provided.

HUNT-THE-WOLF is and was always innovative. This means every year there was changes to make it even more interesting, also for racers attending the event before. At the beginning we had a night race, very challenging!, then the first very spectacular trials in town in front of the biggest shopping mall of Transylvania, then the first mass starts on ATV-races, then we increased the event from two to now 5,5 days, then we had the first international riders (now the majority), ecc. The only thing which never changed and will never change is the 100% very very very difficult off-road terrain in the Class EXTREME. Until the event will exist every racers who thinks to be a great ATV-rider should first prove himself in our class EXTREME J

Yes, most racers return. Some participated already 9 times. And many of them are all year long looking forward to the start of the event. It is a year long excitement!

Let’s say half, sometimes more, sometimes less. On our site www.hunt-the-wolf.com in history everybody can see the participants over the years and also the results.

Well, yes. Every ATV race is dangerous. EXTREME is particularly dangerous, and CROSSOVER is NOT for beginners as well. But: average speed in EXTREME is 17 km/h! This is little. Racing days are 4-8 h long. But when you see the difference in speed of EXTREME and the other riders, on the trails in the forest, you go nuts!

Oliver is doing all tracks. He is the ONLY one who knows the tracks! The final combination of all tracks is kept very secret. Oliver pushes the limits. The policy is: whatever he feels as being totally at the limit, he does NOT introduce in the track. But spots just a very thinny bit below this total limit are part of tracks – in EXTREME. Also he does all tracks without any help in passing obstacles! In good weather conditions all tracks can be driven alone and so far without the use of a winch. But you must be gooood, have a good ATV and the weather must be ok! Otherwise winching will be needed. Most tracks one time are also done with a CFmoto 800 ATV. This to make sure, that also extreme-racing on less expansive brands is possible! When cleaning, checking and opening tracks Oliver is accompanied by friends. Those friends are also racers sometimes. But none of them gets to know all tracks, none of them gets to know the final combination of tracks. All coming racers have equal chances to win! 

In April weather goes crazy sometimes. We had 25 degrees Celsius and 10cm of snow. Be prepared for al

The is always changes in HTW. Be surprised.

Of course, a full team of rescue people is available: doctors from the hospital, mountain rescue, mechanical rescue, ecc. But whoever calls the organizers for rescue is disqualified for that day. Helicopters are available, but not always as quick as in Western Europe.

Yes, every year we organize 2 to 5 mechanics who will work 24h/day to fix racers broken ATVs – for a modest payment. But if you want to make sure to be helped ON the track without being disqualified or after finish without waiting: better bring your own mechanic. And for sure we do not have all parts you might need in stock. Better bring your own. During the race mechanical help is permitted, but not help to get over obstacles. Just racers can help racers on the track besides the mechanics for technical issues only.

We get up to 20 nations in this event. In 2017 the Swedish were in the majority with over 30 racers.

Check our site. 1000 Euro in EXTREME, half in the other classes for the first.


9-14.4.2018, take a week off and drive or fly to us. You will NEVER forget this week!

Yes, until the last day ONLY online here: www.hunt-the-wolf.com. 


The entry fee 2018 will be:

1. €800 if paid until December 31, 2017
2. €900 if paid between January 01, 2018 – March 15, 2018
3. €1000 if paid between March 16, 2018 – April 08, 2018
+ €50 FRM-license, health checks and race health insurance
– “Veteran discount”: in case a racer participated earlier years he will get €50 Euro discount for each year he participated, up to a maximum of €200
– All women and pilots under the age of 18 years do not pay any fee. Minors MUST bring a notary act signed by the parents.

The CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF 2018 entry fee contains the following:

1. 6 days of race event
2. Vehicle rescue to base
3. Pilots rescue to base except helicopter rescue
4. Gas transport to refill station
5. Water at refill station
6. Awards
7. 24h security for race vehicles in designated area

If for any reason you must cancel your registration we will pay back accordingly:
until 31.1.18 all except €100 will be paid back,
until 31.3.18 all except €200 of the fee is paid back
after 01.04.18 NO registration fee will be paid back
Online registration and booking starts October 1st.
By October 1st the available rooms at the base hotel/pension will be put online.

All bookings at Pension/Hotel Sequioa, for the period from 6. to 11.4.2018, will have to be done exclusively via this HTW-web-page., beginning 1.10.17. You will be able to book as registered racer only, up to a maximum of 2 rooms.

To read all info on our site www.hunt-the-wolf.com

Fly to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and race the world’s hardest ATV-Quad-race CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF with a brand new race prepared vehicle. 4 rent packages are offered, all include all costs from/to airport. Just add your flight. In detail all 4 rental offers include: a ready to race brand new 4×4 ATV or Side by Side, broken in with 200 km to have the first service done, Warn winch, Ironbaltic plastic skidplate, badlock wheels with 25” or 23” Kenda Bounty Hunter tires and “noodles” (something like tireballs) inside mounted, fenders exchanged with used ones, registration fee, costs for doctor+FRM+basic liability insurance, personal mechanical presence during the race, 7x hotel or pension room (according to availability), all meals for 8 days, transport of racer and vehicle from (airport) Cluj-Napoca and back, all work time for buying new ATV, mounting accessories, braking in, parking, un-mounting, selling, taxi-service. All ATVs will be bought before the race and sold afterwards.
Option 1: CFMOTO 850cc packet including as an extra ELKA stage 4 suspensions, for 2990 € and 2500 € cash deposit (deposit used in case of damages; deposit amount is also highest total damage in case of total loss!).
Option 2: CFMOTO SxS 850cc package including as an extra ELKA suspensions, for 3990 € and 3500 € cash deposit (deposit used in case of damages; deposit amount is also highest total damage in case of total loss!).
Option 3: Can-Am Renegade 850 package for 3990 € and 4000 € cash deposit. Option 4: Can-Am Renegade 1000 package for 4990 € and 5000 € cash deposit.

Option 1 and 2 (CFMOTO vehicles packages) can be ordered until 1st March 2018, the Can-Am rental offers are available until 1st February 2018. Parts provided by private sponsors can be mounted before the race on any vehicle.

Yes, you can fly to the international airport of Cluj-Napoca, Klausenburg. Best with www.wizzair.com.

We organize the transport of your ATV/Quad/SxS to the race from everywhere. Flying is cheap, the vehicle transport costs vary by size, amount of vehicles to transport and of course your location. Germany/Italy/France: roundtrip for 1 ATV ca. 600 Euro. The more vehicles to transport, the cheaper it gets.

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