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HUNT-THE-WOLF is not a race to be forgotten. The EXTREME category was consciously designed from the beginning as the hardest ATV race in Europe and possibly worldwide. Machine and racers are taken to their limits, of what is drivable and of physical exhaustion caused by technical driving. In honor of the solitary wolf this competition was transformed into an individual race, in which everyone can and has to give it all – alone.


Sometimes collegiality and support from other wolfs are helpful during the HUNT, but every hunter starts and finishes by himself. And he must be cunning as a wolf: who launches with too much enthusiasm gets lost in the forest and quickly remains stuck into a special test. Only orientation and stamina, killer instinct and winning spirit, prudence and reason unified with respect, aggressiveness and of course the perfect mastery of the vehicle make up the winner – over all winners: all those who reach the finish.


HUNT-THE-WOLF was invented in 2007 by Italian Oliver Renzler and Romanian Mihai Concioiu, both owners of the Romanian ATV-distributor Authentic-Spirit SRL. Both were and are successful ATV racing pilots. In its extreme category HUNT-THE-WOLF was to become the world`s most difficult ATV race. In 2014 the organizers re-organized their jobs: Oliver took over the full organization of HUNT-THE-WOLF, while Mihai entirely concentrated on the management of AUTHENTIC-SPIRIT. Over the years few people made up the core-team, Daniela Martinescu, Levi Turak, Razvan Dilimot, Bogdan and Katie Mag, Alin Moldovan, Alin Soanca, Alin Pop, Bogdan Pop, many volunteers from Serbia to Great Britain, and in 2017 as a great addition the Lithuanian Alvydas Petrosius joined the team, introducing significant technical improvements.



What is food without spices? What is ATV-life without HUNTTHEWOLF? Salt and pepper, night race and mass-start, cinnamon and thmye, town-trial and hard technic, nutmeg and basil, speed and challenge – what next?

Meet the pilots after they have raced in the dark forest for 1-2 hours, concentrated on their headlights and the GPS-light only, flashing lights of other racers somewhere around you, all hunting the virtual Wolf – then you know what excitement means!

Watch the racers during a mass-start, fighting for positions before nature channels them into a rocky forest trail or narrow river bed – then you know how much these men and women enjoy to satisfy their adult ambition in this wild game!

Follow the pilots on their incredible struggle for better round-times during the city-trial, jumping over cars and ramps into the deep mud – then you know how much pleasure you can get out of getting as dirty as beutiful pigs!

Admire the drivers in those most difficult off-road sections, where they climb and descend slopes you can not climb on foot, where they master huge logs and rocks, move and push and hold their ATVs in highly demanding positions – then you know why HUNTTHEWOLF in Extrem deserves to be called the hardest ATV race in the world!

Step aside when you see the masters of these 4wheelers come round the corner in full speed, a fun of dust or storm of mud following them, up and over 100 km/h amongst the trees and rocks – and envy them for the adrenalin they‘ve got in their blood in those moments! This is life!

The excitement of the night, the satisfaction of joyous fighting, the pleasure to compete, the mastering of obstacles, the adrenalin of speed – you can watch, share,
admire or long for it.

Best is to experience it!


Motor races will never escape criticism for the negative influence on environment. This effect can however be minimized and this was from the beginning the goal that the organizers of HUNTTHEWOLF were trying to achieve. In the only professional magazine of ATV/Quad in Romania, Primul-ATV-Magazin, they regularly discussed topics as the waste of gas, noise, pollution, trash, driving behavior. The race itself takes place in carefully chosen areas, as insensitive as possible; areas traveled by humans and animals are widely avoided, all track-signs are removed and the inconvenience of noise and disturbance is compensated by collecting garbage in the forests and taking other preventive measures. Therefore the area, in which takes place the competition, is left cleaner than it was found. And other race organizers are asked for instance to stop the track marking by spray in the woods, or to remove any marks after the race. Finally, GPS usage devices became mandatory in HUNTTHEWOLF, not to need the track-markings, and severe time-penalties up to disqualification are ruled against respect less contaminators.

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