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General info

Event name:
13-17.May.2024, Monday to Friday
LOCATION: Baisoara, Romania.
5 days off-road race, 1 to be cancelled.
1 CLASS: “Soft-Extreme”.
a) 500 Euro race fee until End February, 600 Euro until End March, 700 until End April, 800 in May!
b) 50 Euro temporary deposit as stimulus to finish every day and stay to the very end. Money paid back after award ceremony only. For each day the finish is not reached in the given finish time 50 Euro are kept as “race-support”.
Important: Pilots get 100 euro discount for every recent (summer 2023 or later) participation in the following ATV races: Weston Beach, Pont-de-Vaux, Race to Hell, Baja 500, Baja 1000, Vegas to Reno, …??? (let us know if we need to add similar races!). The discounts can be accumulated! Therefore, race 5 of the above (or other ?) races in their highest/most difficult class and participate at HUNTTHEWOLF-24 for free. You have to show us your result and send 2 pictures.
Daily tracks have a distance of 30-90 kilometers.
Every race day will be 2.5 to 7 hours long.
Every race day has a TIME LIMIT given before start. Pilots will then be stopped by organizers at road junctions.
GPS tracks to follow + 100m left/right. We recommend SMARTPHONES to follow the tracks. Tracks will NOT be up- or downloaded to/from GPS devices. They will be sent by mail/whatsapp to each pilot shortly before the race starts every day. Pilots can then use mobile GPS App’s or upload to their GPS devices themselves. HTW-organizer check the tracks driven by pilots using special trackers mounted on each ATV.
The race can be followed LIVE online.
Mass-START every day.
To enable TEAMS on the podium 2 or more pilots will be seen as a team if they have the same points in the final overall classification, with a tolerance of +- 10 points.
WINNER: The winner has the most points and the smallest time.
Award ceremony: Friday late afternoon.
HUNT-THE-WOLF tracks are difficult, dangerous, hard to find. Only experienced pilots should race HTW. Full body protection is absolutely mandatory for every participating pilot. Before registration process every pilot will be asked to video-record him/herself while reading a statement acknowledging the extremely high risks at HTW and agreeing to take all risk and responsibility upon oneself.
No infrastructure for Campers available!


Hunt the wolf rules

Rule No.1
1. Ride fully protected
Rule No.2
2. Read and know the rules
Rule No.3
3. Help others when needed
Rule No.4
4. Check your health before the start
Rule No.5
5. Bring your ATV in perfect shape
Rule No.6
6. Be aware of noise limits (OEM db level)
Rule No.7
7. Take a mobile phone along
Rule No.8
8. Learn how to use a GPS
Rule No.9
9. Pay in time to save money
Rule No.10
10. No matter how hard: be happy!







How to drive

– Haste makes waste! Or: better slower (not slow!) and steady then fast and crash or wrong way! HUNT-THE-WOLF Extreme wins the fast who care for engine and tires (!) and at the same time are able to check and follow the GPS-track without stopping. Train it!

– With modern ATVs we ALWAYS go in 4×4! 

– Before long steep climbs you HAVE to think: Can I do that or not? A NO can be wiser! Those who opt for yes must be 100% for it: GAS, especially before the climb begins, then with constant gas but without acceleration and without hesitation all the way up. If you have to somehow stop or the Atv turns              sideways, stop completely and immediately! Do not try to start in the steep when stopped! Also back-rolling is usually not the answer, unless you know how to do it savely. Better gear in PARK, block brakes. Descend! Use winch! Or wait for help.

– When riding sideways travel body towards the mountain, if necessary, step onto the mountain running board. Important: drive slowly! A small bump can – via the suspension – overturn your ATV. Test maximum inclination already at home, to get a feeling!

– Steep downhills can be very dangerous. If you are not sure about what you are doing, make sure you secure-winch your ATV in the back by another pilot’s ATV.


What should be used (DURING RACE)

! – Handguard: absolutely, otherwise bleeding hands soon! Through the brushes otherwise you end up like a warthog.

! – Tireballs, swimming noodles, etc. Only then come the tire-repair-kit: Those things you plunge in the holes are a must! Also you should carry a starter spray and a lighter to “explode / press” back on the rim a tire which came off th rim! And of course an electrical pump! But that one should fit into a small backpack.

– 2 GPS/2 smartphones: a reserve! 1 must not be mounted on the ATV, but if one gets destroyed by crash or branches, then you can continue to race with the 2nd one!

– Camel bags: Drink, drink, drink – to prevent cramps. Those who do not drink enough will fail. Electrolytes in the water, etc. also help.

– Under normal gloves use cycling gloves: prevents blisters on fingers or near fingers. – Storm Cap: keeps the helmet sweat free and serves as a cap when it gets cold while waiting for rescue after…a break down.

– Googles with extra plastic sheets: they might get muddy when others pass you…or you them! Good vision is essential!

– Smartphone: OSMAND and GPS-Motion-X are good applications you can use on the phone. Bring your car-charger for the phone!!! Also for emergencies! The phone MUST be free for roaming and you MUST have credit on the phone! It is best to use a NOT-Romanian SIM-card during the race since to be able to use all the poor signals around! This can save your life!!!

Just before the start

– 5 min warm up: especially the forearms, head, shoulders, hips and back should be loosened and warmed up right. Whoever starts after a warm up will not get tired arms immediately and will not get hurt as easily by an early crash!

– Check GPS/Phone: Track of the day is up? Batteries charged? Charger OK? Mount ok? GPS/Phone should not be vibrating!  Go entire race with display-light on 100% “on”! This gives more contrast, but beware when driving with batteries. The light sucks them out fast!

– Tire pressure: Different opinions exist. We ride with 0.3 PSI in the front, rear 0.4 PSI. 

– check contacts: battery tight?, battery cables tight? Winch works?

– make sure you have 1 spare-pair of dry gloves and 1 spare dry T-shirt along!

impressions of pilots











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