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The 2008 race was an important lesson for the organizers: to avoid the cold and wet days of November, the racing was scheduled a month earlier, on 3th – 5th October; the difficulties of orientation of the contestants were solved by the mandatory use of GPS-handhelds and the organizing company, Authentic-Spirit, was reinforced by Foxracing.ro and Primul-ATV-Magazin. In addition, the 34 competitors (now also German participants) were surprised by four innovations: first, there was no mandatory participation in a team; second, “hidden wolves” like virtual GPS points had to be overcome in the night as quickly as possible; in the third place on Saturday morning there was brought off for the first time in Romania a race on a trial, excavated specially for this purpose; fourth, for the first time in Romania there was launched the start on forests paths as a mass start. At the special test after short time the wheat from the chaff separated. At last, only three drivers have had opportunities to take the stage. And then the rain started at night, 24 hours non-stop. The routes have become battle fields, dry ditches became streams. But it was warm, the fight exciting and the awards – 600 euro for first place – were the highest than ever in Romania. Sunday afternoon were established the winners.


  1. Marius Nistorescu, Can-Am Renegade 800, Buşteni;;
  2. Mihaly Szabo, Can-Am Renegade 800, Cluj-Napoca;
  3. Petre Stănescu, Yamaha Grizzly 700, Bucureşti.

The best hunter in night race was: Mihai Lazaroaie, Yamaha Grizzly 700, Sibiu.

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