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The fifth edition of HUNT-THE-WOLF-2011 ended. Four days of hard fight, four days of offroad, four days of spectacular tracks in the heart of Transylvania.

43 pilots took start in 4 different categories (ATV Extreme, ATV Open, Quad and Side-by-Side) in the most challenging ATV race all over Europe. Only half of them came to the start line at the trial from the last day. The technical problems, little accidents, but also the rule imposed by the organizers to not give penalties higher than one hour to any racer in one day made the fight to be open until the end of trial from Saturday.

The most spectacular category was ATV Open. Young riders, but also veterans fought with daring and pushed to the extreme ambition to win the first place of the most respected race. The surprise was that places 1st and 3rd were occupied by Tudor Rus and Alex Gliga, beginners who came to their first race and surpassed racers with years of experience. The second place was occupied by Sever Chiujdea who at only 17 years old made quite a sensation also in the trial and in the forest on the seat of his super-tuned Polaris.

Crying and full of anger all three winners and others looked helpless when their ATVs were lying broken and waiting for the second when they will start again in the rage of the race. Respect for those young LIONS and for their well deserved places.

In Extreme on the first day Mihai Lazaroaie, one of the favorites in the competition and second place last year, abandoned when because of a mistake in a special track he rolled over his ATV into a 30 meters canyon. Bad luck and mistakes fallowed also Mihaly Szabo, one of the best Romanian pilots who didn’t succeed again in winning HUNT-THE-WOLF after his Renegade rolled over and his engine broke in the last kilometers of day 2 and 3. In the end he had to accept place 3, a few minutes in front of Petre Stanescu, another pilot who begin the race with technical problems after the special track of the first day.

The second place was won by Felix Balz, this year the most constant rider, a pilot who trains one year long wherever he can in a very restrictive offroad Germany so he can race in his favorite competition, HUNT-THE-WOLF.

The first place was won by the Slovak Rado Bubenko, maybe the most positive racer. Never upset on any situation, all the time ready to help others with technical problems, but in the same time very fast, he succeeded to surpass Felix with 3 minutes until the trial. The very fast Mihaly Szabo commented Rado’s driving during a checkpoint stop perplex: “This guy is so fast, almost crazy! He passed me on fast sections. I am REALLY surprised!” When Oliver Renzler later told this to Rado, the always modest winner said laughing: “And I did not even empty my exhaust…”

In Quads Razvan Irimescu won the race. The two Slovenians who raced, Alojzij Pirih and Ales Kavcic, had a very commendable participation, especially Pirih who finished the trial very close to Irimescu and at a great distance from Sebastian Bodea, although he was driving a stock LTZ 400, an inferior vehicle to the other pilots.

The surprise was Cosmin Sorban who surpassed Sebastian Bodea on the trial with one second, in the general classification getting the third place.

For Side-by-Side category Nicchi Velso won without any problems against the two Commanders. As usual Velso was the salt and the pepper of the race being the only pilot who raced in all 5 editions of HUNT-THE-WOLF, being part of the spirit of this unique race.

Best Hunter:

  1. Giuclea George Dan

ATV extreme

  1. Radoslav Bubenko – 14:47:03
  2. Balz Felix – 14:53:19
  3. Szabo Mihaly – 15:22:16


  1. Rus Tudor – 13:06:57
  2. Chiujdea Sever – 13:42:54
  3. Gliga Alex – 14:41:12


  1. Irimescu Razvan – 11:59:22
  2. Bodea Sebastian – 12:36:06
  3. Sorban Cosmin – 12:36:13


  1. Nicchi Velso
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