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All wolves caught in CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF-2014

This year the Romanian hunters got it all in the world’s most challenging ATV/Quad-race.

The hunters are now home in their eight European nations. In 66 they came to measure themselves in this 8th edition CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF. Surrounded by the beautiful rough landscape of Transylvania’s Apuseni mountains, start was given on five days around May 1st. In three classes, differing in difficulty, mainly ATV- but also Quad and Side-by-Side pilots, enjoyed fantastic off-road up- and downhill’s, rivers and mountains, forests, valleys and high alpine meadows. Tracks to follow, given by GPS, are mandatory in EXTREME and CROSSOVER; ADVENTURE riders pick their own way to the “wolves”.

Rain, hail, many rollovers and a successful helicopter rescue flavored this years event, before this world’s most challenging ATV-race was decided on the last day only. All first positions were conquered by Romanian riders, followed by pilots from Czech, Austria, Poland and Germany on the steps.

HUNT-THE-WOLF’s main partner CFMOTO flew in from China to attend the race in loco and was clearly pleased by the course of the event organized since its existence by the Romanian CFMOTO-distributor Authentic-Spirit. The 10.000 Euro award luring to any CFMOTO driver winning in EXTREME could not be captured, but for 2015th edition – who knows – CFMOTO might increase to 20.000 Euro…


  1.  Radu Lungu (RO)
  2.  Szabo Mihaly (RO)
  3.  Saska Pavel (CZ)


  1.  Slavescu Dan Alexandru (RO)
  2.  Kovarik Gerhard (AT)
  3.  Śliwa Jakub (PL)


  1.  Team 65 (Dodu Ion, Varjan Alexandru, Ile Alexandru) (RO)
  2.  Team 41 (Dreher Wolfgang, Morawski Marcin) (AT-PL)
  3.  Team 68 (Nicchi Velso, Geißler Daniel) (IT-DE)

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